This is No Time to be Timid.

Lesson one for the 2020s: weak words won’t work. So many people are burned out, coiled up, tired, compulsively skeptical. When the pandemic began, how many fake-solicitous emails rolled in from your insurance company, your airline, even your printer ink supplier… all “from our family to yours,” all strangely alike, claiming new interest in your health and safety? How did you feel about number five or six?

It’s harder today to send a message that people believe, let alone one thqt lights them up. Something that respects their state of mind. Makes them remember you, even sign up for more.

Brick Duck Communications works with great organizations and leaders on storylines for challenging times. We’ll brainstorm with you, design and write for you, build your brand, and extend your voice, tone, and attitude.

We clarify your narrative and set you apart from the flock. And we’re not project managers who pitch you a vision, then pull in proxies to do the heavy lifting. We’re who you actually get. No middlemen, no handoffs.

We’re not for those who settle for imitating competitors, or prefer a stenographer to a collaborator. Brick Duck clients get the value of zigging when others zag. They want to intrigue and activate key audiences, and they know this era demands more.

So when you get stuck for a message, get behind on writing deadlines, or get out of sync with your strategy or customers… don’t hesitate to duck.