Power and Grace
In High-Flying Ideas


It’s precarious times. Everybody’s tired, edgy, wary.
In days like these, how does an organization stand apart?
Overcome cynicism? Show empathy?

Some of the best turn to a duck with the
power to surprise: Brick Duck

  • Speechwriting and ghostwriting
  • Presentation design
  • Brand and thought leadership strategy

Executive Communications

Speeches, business plans, investor and internal communications, counsel on media engagement.

Mission & Vision Development

Competitive market analysis, goal-setting, inspirational language design.

Organizational Counsel

Research, internal interviews, change management support, product strategy, nomenclature.

Presentation Design

Themes, showflow design, and scripts for live or streamed events. Empathetic performance prep.

Editorial Support

Talking points, case studies, media summaries, employee communication, and more.

Thought Leadership

Strategies for achieving long-term influence in the marketplace of ideas.

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